This is our Sister Keepers glass Treasure box. The treasure boxes were created to teach our youth to treasure their thoughts.

Children are encouraged to keep the things they treasure the most inside these boxes. The Sister Keepers believe that our thoughts are what we should treasure the most.


Your children are encouraged to write down positive thoughts and put them inside of the box. When they are feeling down or discouraged, remind them to check out their "treasure" for affirmation. We encourage you to also slide notes of affirmation inside of these boxes as reminders! 


This exclusive (one time) treasure box will only be here for a limited time. There is a heart charm in the front of the box and it opens from the top.

It is engraved:


Here till the end; In

us, you'll always have

a friend!


The Sister Keepers

Treasure Box


Inside, you will find a wristband and a sheet of "The Sister Keepers" mini stickers. 


The Sister Keepers treasure boxes will debut in book 2 from the sister keepers book series "A sister keeper with a disability is a sister with a superpower"

Glass Treasure Box


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