Alana, one of "The Sister Keepers"

She is a fan of huge bows! 

She loves to play with dolls and has excellent manners with a very caring heart.

She thinks that everyone deserves to be loved!  

Shanise, one of "The Sister Keepers"

She loves to read and write creative stories of her own (Be on the look out for a book by Shanise!) She is a very good singer and an amazing big sister!

Shannon, one of "The Sister Keepers"

She has a number of learning disabilities and does not say much, but she is not defined by what she "Can't" do! Shannon loves to figure things out and is in the process of fighting against epilepsy, Static Encephelopathy, Speech Apraxia and Global delays. She is a fighter! 

Alysse, one of "The Sister Keepers"


She loves acrobatics and organizing  things. She enjoys styling her hair and creating imaginary homes for her dolls (interior decorator on our hands!) She is a great friend to others and loves everything with a sparkle! 

Alyssa, one of "The Sister Keepers"

She loves to color, sing and rap. She does not like for people to feel left out. She is one who speaks up for others she thinks is being picked on. Her favorite items are nail polish and tutus!  

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