Summer Time has ARRIVED

By: Anise Marshall

As a mother, summer time just means: MORE work!!

I have a few tools that'll make summer time fun, educational and relaxing! 


    This is the key to ANY summer! This is especially true when there are multiple children. This could be as simple as having a morning routine, or as complicated as having every second planned out (including bathroom breaks). When you and your children know what to expect, day to day, it doesn't seem as long and you feel like you're working towards something instead of feeling drained! This also teaches your children how to be organized and make plans for things they want to do. 

          READING DAYS

If you ask me, this is the most important day! Children who read, daily, tend to retain information better and have more creativity. This is because stories were intended for children to interpret them the way they see it in their minds! Children reach their highest form of creativity during the summer and it is because they are allowed to imagine, create and interpret stories the way they want! I have my children read and sometimes create their own stories! It gets them excited to learn the importance of literacy, interpreting stories, the breakdown or stories and how to be a better reader while still learning! This could be a great skill and bonding moment for you and your children. They'll be happy for the moments and the learning experiences! Book 2 from The Sister Keepers book series will be out by the middle of June, so this would be a great opportunity to bond with your children! you can even have them make predications about the book before they read it and compare what they thought would happen and what actually did happen! Create a library for your children! They will appreciate it! You can also take your children to the library for book clubs! most libraries do this based on age groups. This could be a great opportunity for your kids to meet new children and learn to love learning!


Make sure you know what you're doing each day! Make it a habit to go over the plans, expectations and details of what the next day entails. We know that this does not mean your children wont test you and ask you the same question a thousand times! It just means you have an answer and you can stick to it! This teaches your children that making plans, and sticking to them, will help them function better as healthy adults. It also teaches them that having order, makes things go so much smoother. 

                  FUN DAYS

This could mean you have one day picked out every other week (this could fall on a Saturday) dedicated to "AMAZING" behavior. You can name it something like "star day" or "achievement day" so they feel like they've earned it and so you feel like you got the kids to stick to good behavior!  It also teaches your children that it is important to reward yourself and make time for family! 


Water days can be your best friend or worst enemy! I have 5 daughters (hair, swim suits, snacks and sun screen!) so you know this can be a headache at times! Water days could be as simple as water gun fights in the yard, putting out the sprinklers, going to the pool or going to a water park, even though, I'd save this for "star days." This day can be used to teach your children the importance of following simple rules, helping one another out and taking good care of yourself. You can also RELAXX!! (win, win for mommy.)




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