A December to REMEMBER

By: Anise Marshall

This month, I won't give you some long drawn out blog! For most of us, December is one of the busiest months. We devote so much time to making sure everyone around us is enjoying the holidays that we forget to do the same. As mothers, you have to know that life is more than just "Stuff" and if "Everyone else" is enjoying the holidays.


This Christmas holiday, reflect on the things you've accomplished. Think about who you were a year ago. I'm sure you see life so much more different. Instead of stressing yourself to have the most perfect decorations, best gifts for family and meals that make everyone feel "comfy." Devote some time to YOU! This year has flown by. What better way to reward yourself than to self reflect and self love?


If the holidays make you feel overwhelmed as if you can never get enough done, let me make a suggestion... 


Don't make it a priority! Yes, I said it! Focus on things that matter instead. It'll cut down on stress TREMENDOUSLY. You have the right to evolve and rely on others. This year, in fact, I have told my children that this year, we will not be getting gifts.


This year, We will be sharing our time, resources and gifts with other people. To fully appreciate gifts and family, why not come together as a family and give to others? It will boost something new in your children and they will understand how life could be so much worse. This is one of the best gifts you can give a loved one. In the end, it'll also show the people you're blessing, that there are people who care about others. Make this holiday one to remember.


Remind others around you that life is about serving others, not just about being served. I hope this December, you will self reflect and put your worries on the back burner. Make it A December to remember!   

© 2017 By: Anise Marshall, M.S.ED

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