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The Sister keepers’ is a book series about the adventures and life lessons that a group of sisters learn over time. Each sister is unique and beautiful in her own way. The books and business are based around the daughters of Shanin and Anise Marshall.  Shanise, Alysse, Alyssa, Alana and Shannon are The Sister Keepers™. They are unique, tenacious and boisterous, to say the least. Each book will leave you with a life lesson. Diversity and multicultural awareness is important and we intend to bring awareness throughout the series.

This book series will reach youth ages 2-16.

There is something here for EVERYONE!

Anise has learned the true definition of perseverance and consistency. She was also an editing manager for an online magazine. It has always been a passion of Anise’s to bring substance and morals to the forefront and share the need for diversity throughout texts and communities all over the world.  She wants to leave behind a legacy.


I create awareness and empower youth through various social media channels, public speaking engagements, My business (5 Royal Sisters Publishing, LLC) and the content of my book series: The Sister Keepers™. The Sister Keepers™ Illustrated children’s books, represent a multicultural and diverse outlook on the development of character, morals, ethics and critical thinking among youth. It speaks to a generation of adolescence. I also provide editing and marketing services for authors.


My intention, is to help our youth develop into adults who believe in their mission, vision and purpose in life regardless of ethnicity, culture, disability, etc.… Throughout the series, The Sister Keepers™ will introduce its readers to people who come from many different parts of life. 


I obtained my bachelor’s in Journalism and Advertising in 2010 and became a teacher. I loved working as a teacher but did not feel I would be able to reach all of my students and advocate their needs in my position. I worked for both charter and public schools. After teaching high school and grammar school, I decided to obtain my master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, with a concentration in teacher leadership. I believed that this degree would open my eyes and help me, not only learn to be an effective leader, it would help me bring out the best in everyone around me!

I accomplished countless hours of tutoring and extensive research courses, so that I could become an expert and specialist in helping youth embrace and flourish socially, emotionally and creatively. I discovered that when kids start school, after being home the entire summer, they’re at a genius level at creativity. It’s almost down to nothing when they’re done with the school year. That, for me, was unacceptable! Creativity, uniqueness and independence is what helps us stand out. It is the very thing that motivates us to live THIS life and LOVE it! It is creativity and individuality that we need to add to this world! Those are all the things that stop bullying and low self-esteem.  


When a child begins anything, they struggle with the ability to socialize, be the best version of themselves and move forward socially and emotionally, especially in this generation where social media is so prominent. When children struggle in these areas, they, most times, don't know how to deal with their feelings. The Sister Keepers™ were created with the intent to speak to life’s situations. Although this series is based on 5 girls, the intention of the book series, is to speak up for EVERYONE! WE ALL MATTER TO THIS WORLD!



As an author, teacher, mother, leader and business woman, I plan to partner with educational institutions, organizations, and businesses, by working closely with other educational leaders, parents and community leaders to construct groundbreaking methods that will yield a new generation of youth who choose to look at the world different. I was able to master these methods using the knowledge and experiences while working and earning my Teacher Leadership degree at SIUC. 


If you are interested in booking me to speak, do a reading or speak at an event, you can email me at: info@thesisterkeepers.com



I saw a need in the lives of our youth. Instead of complaining about it, I got up and did something about it. I felt that it was my responsibility as a parent, teacher and professionally educated African-American woman, to bring a solution to “our” problems. Regardless of your disability, skin color, nationality, race, etc.., you deserve a place in this world.

I created this business and book series to be a part of something greater. The goal, is to leave a footprint of joy, tenacity, creativity and hard work in any path I cross. I’ve always made sure to be an example of what I think others should put into the world. The intention has and always will be, to show others that a kind heart needs to be authentically sincere, while creating an inviting environment wherever you are.


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Because we plan to use the funds to develop this business, raise awareness and speak to schools all over the world, we are taking donations so we can provide services for facilities that can not afford to pay for travel. If you'd rather send your gift through PayPal, you can use our second business email: thesisterkeepers@gmail.com

 As a thank you, for your donation, we will send out an official The Sister Keepers™ wristband. Just subscribe and email to verify

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